Our Vision

The world of credit enhancements has been primarily a land of last resort, with hard money lenders and local resources helping real estate principals get their deal done – but at exorbitant cost, including often unrealistic loan covenants, extremely high interest rates, along with a less then helpful, if not predatory, approach. Opportunity Investment Capital’s vision is to focus on the credit enhancement experience to ensure fees and rates are in line with the actual risks of each project. Further, we realize that any clients seeking credit enhancements are doing so with an immense time pressure – either due to an high value opportunity that is quickly expiring, or because of duress due to a bank loan being called, or other duress upon a property’s debt service. Opportunity Investment Capital is committed to a timely customer service experience, fairly pricing our financing services, and helping our clients through the process of financing their commercial real estate properties. Opportunity Investment Capital views ourselves as a true partner in the process and we are committed every day to becoming a better asset to commercial real estate principals. By focusing on credit enhancements, we are able to refine our services, better measure risks and appropriately price our financing services. Helping you, our client have a better experience, cutting your costs, and helping you get your deal done!

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